1) How to change the color theme

A great Chrome plugin was created to change the default color scheme, download here.


Reload your browser and in the Script Editor, you should now see the color menu:

My favourite is the Darcula theme:

2) Run scripts using the CTRL + R (mac CMD + R) shortcut

Just ensure you have the right function selected and use the shortcut.

3) Console.log is actually Logger.log

Once the script completes, use CTRL + Enter to see the logged output (mac: cmd + enter)

4) Forgot the GAS Class you want to use or the methods attached? Use the CTRL + Space shortcut

Using CTRL + Space will bring up the entire selection of classes you can use

4) Auto comment by using CTRL + / on the line or block

5) Move lines up and down by holding Alt and using up and down keys

6) Tidy code by selecting and hit Tab

Next, move onto Custom functions.